The Founder’s Cup 2018


Wave pools are wild. And I think anyone who says they wouldn’t want to at least try surfing Slater’s Ranch is out of their got damn mind.

However, who watched the Founder’s Cup? I honestly did not watch it as attentively as I should have (hell it was the first time Slater’s wave would be used for professional competition, that’s huge!).

However, it didn’t take long to realize the high performance surfing that would go down in this event. With a totally “perfect wave” within reach of the best pro surfers on the planet, you don’t gotta be splitting atoms to make a prediction here…

However, after watching semi-attentively and rewatching clip after clip on social media, I still don’t know what to think. Do you?

Well, that’s what we’d love to hear. We’re putting together a Founder’s Cup recap piece and we’d love to add our consumer’s comentary. Please check out the poll below and tell us how you feel (be honest).

We’ll take any praise or critique, just don’t say that these dudes weren’t ripping…


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