“Kawa No Me”


Easy on the eyes are Tom Carroll and Hector Santamaria. These pair of legends took a trip over to Japan for some hearty typhoon waves and were obviously not disappointed.


The two share tubes in both lefthand and righthand settings–showcasing both surfers’ ability to get creative front and backside. While I don’t think Hector and Tom hang out on the reg, it was definitely a bright idea for Eye Symmetry surfboards to pair the two.


Hector steezes into right point break runner after point break runner going frontside to begin the edit. While Carroll’s classic backside, no-tracky approach compliments the Puerto Rican’s surfing perfectly. In proper fashion, Carroll gets the same advantages on his own forehand as the two go left at what looks like a perfect, barrelling beach break.


The surfing is interesting to watch and the various angles and composition of videography are maybe even more so. Max Stewart and Tyge Leganda compiled a variety of clips from what seems to be from a variety of cameras.


Congrats on scoring boys and I hope the sweet sweet relationship between Carroll and the Elf King continues. We’d love to see more movies like this in the future…




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