Mid-March Madness: Coldwater Surfing in NJ

surfing nj
Nick Caruso–I think?–riding wave.

Coming back from warm, colorized Panama to dark, wet, and dreary February in Jersey was shocking to the senses. Going back to NJ, bodies were bundled, the skin you did see was pale, and most people wore a constant frown. It was damn depressing. At the beginning of the Panama trip, Tommy told Hank, Dinno, and I that we looked sick. I understood what he meant.

But with some luck, the sun came out. March opened up with some surf in New Jersey. The coldwater surfing crew was blessed with sun and surf as the grayscale of February faded (for a little bit anyways).

And in the words of Zach Bogetti, “There’s no way back into it, than right back into it.”

So, it was time to get right back into the icy drink with the fellas who were happened to be quite stoked on a new sandbar.

Eating breakfast after one fun morning of overhead waves, offshore wind, and sunny skies, it felt like it was going to be a beach day. Soon enough, the chairs were laid out next to packed coolers and a crew of shredders pontificating on possibly makeable tubes in the shorebreak.

Many tubes were made, boards were broken, senses were rattled, smiles were shared, laughs were heard, and men got scared. Even with this range of emotions, the day ended similarly for everyone involved: With a sunburned face.

The standout of the day was a younger dude named Mike Sibilia, who made barrels, double barrels, air drops, etc. He outsurfed everyone in the water this day due to his dedication–the kid didn’t get out of the water for the entire 4 hours I was at the beach.

That was a special day. But it was only one day. The weather didn’t get bad, but there aren’t many days in March where chilling on the beach in a sweatshirt and boardshorts is comfortable.

Luckily though, more waves were on the way.

March kept rocking with another solid, overhead Southeast swell. The waves were good from morning to evening. And the dudes who didn’t surf themselves out all day enjoyed lefts and rights til 7pm–a daylight savings’ miracle.

There’s no telling if this all means March will lead us into a beautiful April. Or that if this is just a Springtime tease, and there’s another Winter storm (or two) still to come. Honestly, I’d be fine with either. But don’t let the waves stop, or else I’m out.

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