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What Your Peers Thought of the Founders’ Cup

  After the first-ever WSL event ran at Slater’s wave pool in Leemore, California, the worldwide web’s surfers caused a ruckus on surf-centric Internet platforms.   The modern wave pool has also begun making a waves outside surf culture as well. The event even got attention from general news media sources and love from all kinds […]

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The Founder’s Cup 2018

  Wave pools are wild. And I think anyone who says they wouldn’t want to at least try surfing Slater’s Ranch is out of their got damn mind. However, who watched the Founder’s Cup? I honestly did not watch it as attentively as I should have (hell it was the first time Slater’s wave would […]

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Kelly Slater, George Jetson and Willy Wonka walk into a bar…

The term “perfect wave” has always been relative. Historically, surfers claim to have had perfect surf sessions after positioning themselves at the perfect surf break at the perfect time. Yet there has never been a standard when it comes to surfing. Perfection to one man could be totally different to another. However, today these long-standing […]

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