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Bobby Martinez “Unrelenting Relevance”

  As a goofyfooter, I’ve always tried (and failed) to emulate Bobby Martinez on his backhand. His style his mechanical and explosive, all with a consistent flow that seems to match any wave type.   However, I think the days of me tucking my ears into my fitted cap are over (not to say I […]

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What Your Peers Thought of the Founders’ Cup

  After the first-ever WSL event ran at Slater’s wave pool in Leemore, California, the worldwide web’s surfers caused a ruckus on surf-centric Internet platforms.   The modern wave pool has also begun making a waves outside surf culture as well. The event even got attention from general news media sourcesĀ and love from all kinds […]

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The Founder’s Cup 2018

  Wave pools are wild. And I think anyone who says they wouldn’t want to at least try surfing Slater’s Ranch is out of their got damn mind. However, who watched the Founder’s Cup? I honestly did not watch it as attentively as I should have (hell it was the first time Slater’s wave would […]

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