Light Winds and Nice Weather (:


Today was cool. Looking at the forecast during the days prior, no one would have bugged out. Swellinfo called for 3-4 foot swell and “red” conditions. The wind was forecasted to be out of the North, which is very scary for surfers on the Northern Jersey Coast.


These North (or “devil”) winds usually drive surfers North to the beaches of Long Island or South to more South-facing NJ breaks.


The swell filled in Sunday night going into Monday and the lineups reflected the North-wind fear. I woke up fairly early Monday morning (after almost sleeping in) to perfect, glassy conditions with NO ONE surfing up the street.


Standing at about head-high, the waves came in several-wave sets and lulled out, reflecting the 10-second swell period. It was sick, and it stayed sick all day long. Oh and did I mention sunny conditions with 60-degree weather? Well, now I did.


Check out this quick photo gallery below for a little taste of what the waves on the Northern Jersey Coast had to offer. Enjoy…


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