Tropical Depression Sessions

The start of an early Fall season leaves warm temp-loving beachgoers furious, and surfers mighty satisfied.

With Gert delivering to Jersey, and a large depression to back it up, it’s safe to say Hurricane Hype Season has begun.

This storm in particular drove shoobies home with 30 mph Northeast winds. However, after winds subsided, all that remained was head-high swell and light offshores. To top it all off, pretty much every spot from OBX- North got it good.

In the gallery below you will find a mix of some shitty GoPro screenshots and from-the-beach Nikon action.

The boys started off surfing overhead rollers on the North side of the island and traded that for a slabby beach break on the South end as the tide rose.

We did big cutbacks, tried airs, and got barrelled out of our minds (even made a few). A couple board dents, minor injuries, and 3 staples in the back of Kyle’s head later, and we found ourselves bellies full of PBR and asleep before midnight. (:


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