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Mid-March Madness: Coldwater Surfing in NJ

Coming back from warm, colorized Panama to dark, wet, and dreary February in Jersey was shocking to the senses. Going back to NJ, bodies were bundled, the skin you did see was pale, and most people wore a constant frown. It was damn depressing. At the beginning of the Panama trip, Tommy told Hank, Dinno, […]

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Bloof haus special

Coast to Coast: February in Panama

Every time I step on a plane or in an airport I think, I’m never going on a surf trip again. From getting bent over by airlines for board bag fees, and losing phones in taxis on the way to the airport, to the always higher-than-expected price of… everything. Is it just me, or does […]

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Peaky perfection for NJ surfers

January 2024 Goes Off With a Bang for NJ Surfers

During one week in January 2024, there were three different swells that would have made a NJ surfer’s month–had they been spaced out that way. As it was, these three swells started on a Sunday in South Jersey, continued midweek with a giant South swell, and ended with a bang on the following Saturday. Did […]

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Land of Lefts Vol. II

At this point, traveling to Costa Rica to find waves just seems too obvious. Yet, like all two-week trips, you’re always leaving some decisions up to chance: Like the possibility of sacrificing waves at home for the unknown. Fortunately, when the “unknown” is one of the longest left point breaks in the world, there’s a […]

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a wave on a sandbar in OBX

Another OBX Affair

It’s been a decade-long love affair with the Outer Banks. All these years, the trip South has never gotten stale. Each year excitement builds, the weather wanes, and the Southern shores seem more appealing. This year was no different as whispers of the voyage called to travelers from New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and even […]

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Hurricane Fiona: Rhode Island Excursion

Get ready to update your profile photos–the boys are looking like absolute male models here. With a beautiful, rocky backdrop featuring Northeast reef break waves, each photo will garner infinite likes and right swipes galore. Scrolling picture by picture, one can assume a fun trip and an eventual score. This is the Hurricane Fiona swell […]

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Hurricane Earl: Summer 2022

The first Hurricane of the Atlantic’s 2022 season was called Earl. An interesting and long-lasting storm: Surfers on the East Coast rode the swell for four days straight–starting with an extremely fun evening session on Friday September 9th. Going through the photos–I realized they were mostly kinda shitty. This occurred for two reasons: a) the […]

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“April Fools” in Jersey

There was some doubt about the swell on April 1st, 2022. Throughout March, the last few South swells had been fun–but generally not tubing. It was starting to feel like overhead kegs would remain a distant memory. Alas, April immediately delivered what the Jersey faithful had been waiting for. The swell wasn’t huge, but it […]

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Fall 2021 on OBX

Every year, the boys from South Jersey descend upon the Outer Banks of North Carolina in an attempt to get tubed, grill meat over open flame, and become wizards all in one shot. It’s often a hefty ask. However, in most years’ past, the gods of liquor and swell bless the Banks with permitting conditions […]

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Hurricane Larry Swell in Jersey

Hurricane Larry was a big, beast of a storm. In NJ, the buoys were picking up 15-16 second swell–some unprecedented numbers for this side of the Atlantic Ocean. For this reason, many were worried about Larry’s long period swell and what it might look like once it reached Jersey’s fickle beach breaks. Due to this […]

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