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While the boys up North were getting shacked out of their minds, I was pushing kids into waves and also to their limits at Ocean Outfitter (O2) Surf Camp.

Texting O2 Co-Owner, Dean Lyon (Aug. 15, 9:25am): “Hey i know i put down for camp tomorrow. do you think you will need me? Looking at surf forecast *inserts looking eye emoji* Wanted to go up to XXXXX if i could get off? Let me know”

Texting O2 Employee, Ryan Gallagher (Aug. 15, 9:27am): “Yes. Need you. Already 32 [kids] on tmrw.”

Inside Hopeful Shredder, Ryan Gallagher’s mind (Aug. 15, 9:27.5am): “FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK.”

I didn’t get to trek north for waves, but I woke up early, surfed our favorite local spot, and even more while at surf camp. I stayed away from my phone, and for a (brief) period of time, I was satisfied.

Then I checked Instagram.

Inside Not-A-Shredder, Ryan Gallagher’s mind (Aug. 16, 9:27.5pm): “Give me a beer and take my phone away.”

Of course I got drunk and looked through the mass amount of pictures and videos that assaulted my IG feed for the next week.

After a bender and some self-reconciliation, I shook my pride and asked the boys to send me their best shots… Check em and enjoy.


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