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RIP Summer 2019

Gonna choke back the tears as I write this… While we were already missing Summer’s warmth–getting these 35mm shots developed really affirmed the death of Summer ’19. Hurricane Season is coming to an end (holding out hope for a late season swell) and the next thing in vision is–dare I mention her–Wintertime. The air is […]

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Skating With… Tommy Pickles

  Over the weekend, Tom Feraco and Nate Gain linked up for some quality action shots in the North Wildwood pool. The angles are great and the photographer was able to capture it all during an always-epic Wildwood golden hour.   While Nate would probably have been shooting whoever was at the park that night […]

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Tropical Depression Sessions

The start of an early Fall season leaves warm temp-loving beachgoers furious, and surfers mighty satisfied. With Gert delivering to Jersey, and a large depression to back it up, it’s safe to say Hurricane Hype Season has begun. This storm in particular drove shoobies home with 30 mph Northeast winds. However, after winds subsided, all […]

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