Numbskulls Score Again

Yet another quality edit out of Ryan Simalchik and gang. Before Christmas, the crew drove north to East Coast Canada where Winter was already in full force. NJ surfer Rob Kelly met up with Nova Scotian barrel hound Logan MacLennan in order to find the outer reef slab of slabs.

Seemingly perfect A-frames bucked the boys off barrels, swallowed them whole, and allowed for some beautiful tube rides. Simalchik’s filming and editing are super pro. The videography is crystal clear despite snowy, dark conditions and far-away angles. However, this Mumford and Sons track isn’t what I would have gone with for such a slabby, death wave. Even so, the editing suits the song very well and I suppose the juxtaposition of hectic conditions and calm, soothing music is something to consider.

Either way, I’m stoked on the first Winter installment of Numbskull films. Good on ya boys. We know that drive’s no fun–but you definitely took something home to talk about. Click the video above and enjoy…

Numbskulls say…

Numbskull T-shirts now available! Head to With the start of the winter season kicking into gear we jumped on the first opportunity to chase a solid storm up the coast. After meeting up with local wild man Logan MacLennan and checking a few spots, we paddled out at this outer reef slab as snow blanketed the rocky beach. Here are the highlights from that magical winter session featuring Rob Kelly, Logan MacLennan, Robbie Goodwin, and Ryan Huckabee. Filmed by: Ryan Simalchik Music: “San Luis” Gregory Alan Isakov

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