DJ Surfology’s Year in Review

2019 had some tubes. As I sit here hoping for a 1.9 ft 7sec swell to longboard in the morning, it seems 2020 is off to a slow start. Mr. Latch recounted 2019’s flavor and energy in this here short YouTube film above. Blending clips of 2019’s bodyboard tubes and fishy jives, DJ Surfology mixes his favorite (and might I say ignant) tunes for a primed crowd.

The video gives me some hope for 2020 and a fire under my ass to score some good waves. In other news, I found out that a dear friend of mine impregnated a dear friend of mine. And to that I say, ‘It has to be a good year.’ In that spirit, I looked into what it would really take for me to do something similar one day… And I found the video below. Happy New Year to all <3

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