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Numbskulls Score Again

Yet another quality edit out of Ryan Simalchik and gang. Before Christmas, the crew drove north to East Coast Canada where Winter was already in full force. NJ surfer Rob Kelly met up with Nova Scotian barrel hound Logan MacLennan in order to find the outer reef slab of slabs. Seemingly perfect A-frames bucked the […]

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RIP Summer 2019

Gonna choke back the tears as I write this… While we were already missing Summer’s warmth–getting these 35mm shots developed really affirmed the death of Summer ’19. Hurricane Season is coming to an end (holding out hope for a late season swell) and the next thing in vision is–dare I mention her–Wintertime. The air is […]

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Canadian Road Rager

The Canadian Road Rager is not only the hard-on a surfing man receives upon entering Canada; the term is also defined as a “seemingly jolly and greasy road trip through the U.S. Northeast coastline and the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia.” On Friday September 20th, 2019, a group of young men packed a semi-uncomfortable SUV […]

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