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We Miss You Andy

Our good friend Billy loves Andy Irons–as do the rest of us. In memory of the master shredder, Billy chopped up some old AI footage, mixed in some comical relief from “Fair Bits,” and set it to some Misfits. We miss you Andy. Also, for your viewing pleasure, Billy grabbed our RSM cover boy and […]

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What Time is it?!

Is it “Smoko”?!   Some of our favorite things just came together… An Aussie summertime surf edit, some of the best surfers out of that country, and all backed by one of the catchiest, new tunes.   If you haven’t heard it, first things first, watch this video below.     The Chats are a […]

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Flores With the Win, John With the Title

Jeremy Flores takes over John’s backyard with a win at the Billabong Pipe Masters, and John Florence must settle for the rest of the world… The classic Banzai Pipeline was semi-firing yesterday (by Pipe standards) with windless conditions to start the day, and a ton of amazing surfers in the water. John John was very easy to […]

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