May 2020 Opens with Waves

Zack Bogetti shot by Zack Karvelas

Up until this point, URN Surf Co. and Rambler Surf Magazine have quit sharing live updates and timely photos of waves during the COVID Quarantine / Lockdown. This was in an effort to draw less attention to beaches that were in danger of being shut down. However, as NJ and the rest of America take steps to re-open, we wanted to share photos from the most recent swell.

It was most definitely a thumper… Friday, May 1st buoys were reading something like 8 feet at 9 seconds with swell and wind from the SE. The conditions stayed big and unruly with an absence of wind. This made Friday a day full of random windows of big surf amidst variable weather that went from bright and sunny to a hazy downpour with thunderstorms to end the day.

Saturday would have been PERFECT if not for the NW wind adding unfavorable bumps and ribs to the overhead surf. However, there were tubes to be had, the sun was shining, and the wind clocked fully offshore by the afternoon. The boys were fully on it, drinking beers in their 5 mil wetsuits and getting yeasty on the beach.

Austin Chachko (standing at a meaty 6’2″) is a fiend for big tubes with the boys (May 2). Photo: the boys.

While it seems steps are being taken to give the Jersey Shore some form of a normal Summer, we are keeping in mind that the powers that be have shut down New York City. And as someone smarter than I reminded me yesterday, “If they can shut that down, they can easily shut us down this Summer.” So please, if you are reading this (from wherever you are) do your part to be safe, stay healthy, and don’t do anything to put our beaches and our Summer at risk. Yaheardmeh!

Surfers: Austin Chachko, Zack Bogetti, Nick “Rocco” Caruso, Johnny Johnson, Lance, and Ryan Gallagher

Photogs: Ryan Gallagher, Zack Karvelas, Johnny Johnsons, and The Boys.

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