Vote Today: RSM’s East Coast Board Builders Roundup

We’ve been wanting to increase our coverage of East Coast board builders for a while now. So, in that spirit we’re holding a voting period to determine who RSM will cover in our next print issue.

Using initial suggestions and some of our own research, we chose board makers from up and down the East Coast. We have not talked to all of these board makers, nor are we endorsing any of these board makers. We’ve simply selected some individuals that grabbed our attention one way or the other.

Please pick one board maker from each EC region: Northeast, NJ, Delmarva, OBX, and Florida. We will ask first place winners of each region to interview with RSM for the next print edition. Thanks!





Florida / Southeast:

Pictured: Dave Grimes of Takanasee Handshapes gifting surfboard raffle winner, Andrew Moon his new #twinny during the Tak Appreciation and Rambler Release Party for the Summer 2018 print issue of RSM. We’ve heard Dave is off the grid hiding out and surfing a wave you would never find on your own–maybe we’ll cover him in RSM next time around.

We’re hoping to keep the Board Builder Roundup (or something like it) in each print edition moving forward. If your shaper isn’t covered in our next issue–all the better chance he/she is covered in a future mag.

Thanks for voting. While you’re at it, we voted for a local shredder called @bacon_dangler to win free Skatelite for his backyard ramp. Whether it’s to further #socialdistancing or financing the next Summertime Skarty, vote for who you think should get the free skatelite.

Whether you are a local shredder, business, photographer, artist, or just an individual with an idea–drop us a line today. Send us a photo, idea, or subscribe to our email newsletter here. Thank you

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