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Carnage at the Local Dredge

On February 2020’s first Friday, NJ experienced a large South swell that had been forecasted something like 7 ft. @ 11 secs. It’s hard to say if the resulting surf matched that prediction; however, the day’s session turned out to be one that will be remembered. Some of the most hi-octane and longest righthand tube […]

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Surfing New Year’s Eve in NJ

2019 would not go quietly into the night! On the very last day of the year (as well as the decade) surfers received a combo swell chock full of East, with subtle South to back it up. The resulting surf wasn’t huge in most locations. However, a few areas received some overhead tube opportunities. For […]

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Closing Out Spring 2019

It is full on cheeseburger/liquor party weather… And it’s not even really Summer yet. The days are long as fuck, the sun has been out, and there have actually been some waves. We haven’t been taking too many photos as of late. However, the shots that we have stored up for the last few weeks […]

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