Jersey Duck Sauce


There has been a few waves in Jersey the last few days–And for surfers that have been paying attention, the ducks have been charging. Not sure if this is prime time surf season for the NJ duck population, but we’ve seen them in the lineup, on the beach, and charging shorebreak.

The guys in this video have taken recent notice to the shredding population of ducks on the Jersey Coast, and are now paying homage.

Reports had sworn epicness and in turn surfers flocked to frozen-sand beaches. Swell filled in, and a few good waves followed shortly after (if you were in the right spot). However for people that haven’t gotten barreled like Justin Perry and the Scum Surf Crew, there’s been some disappointment.

Either way it hasn’t been flat, and that’s something we can crack a beer to. We’re glad to see some clips come out to know at least some of the boys have scored.

Check the video below for a short minute-long sample of what the boys have been getting after in the last week or so. Enjoy…


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