PhatHouse and an Asian Skating Excursion

It ain’t hard to get jacked up on this squad. The Philadelphia PhatHouse affiliates took an autumn-time trip East across the world to Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China. The team towered over confused natives, laid waste to any skate-able spots in sight, and sought celebration in the wreckage.


The edit kicks off in Japan to a bit of Gucci Mane and Chief Keef. If nothing else, the guys really know how to share the froth of a skate trip with the home viewer. Hoots, hollers, laughs, and gags all come together well for the style/vibe of the video. AND, there’s epic skating to boot.


The video is all street, and it is obvious that the boys worked hard to get themselves to quality spots while also finding more along the way. A special skate video is often one that is shaped by how the skaters/videographers look at the spot, how they skate it, and how it is shown to the viewer. This video does a good job of mixing up different spots, various trick, and stringing them all together while the guys smile and cheer for their friends.


It’s Shanghai skateboarding and the unmistakable voice of Juicy J to close out the vid. “Get up bitch, Get up bitch, Get up bitch…” repeats, while wasted skaters (seemingly) rise from the dead. At this point in the video a viewing skater would notice a bunch of sound skateboarding, with big time sends mixed in. The clips were not and can not ALL be bangers, and that is fine. The video editors sprinkled the best shots throughout the edit to ensure a surprising, and attention-grabbing viewing experience.


To top it all off Allen Iverson, and Carson Wentz jerseys found a way to the backs of two stick-out skaters in the video. Ed Duff drops a few fucked hammers in his A.I. kit, while Kyle Walsh adds a shredder/hypeman combo to his Resume after wearing Wentz in this film.


Overall the video reeks the stench of how these boys operate. The film does them a big favor by bringing these dudes’ personalities to the forefront of a viewers attention. We know we’re excited to see such a sick edit from the PhatHouse squad, and cannot wait to see what’s up next.


Skaters in the video include: Pat Carmody, Austin Leleu, Billy Cox, Kyle Walsh, Kurt Kamrad, Shamus McDonough, Ed Duff, Cody Roberts, and Chris Tams.

Filmed/Edited by Nico Hebert. Additional filming by James Klimek.


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