From Saturday to Wednesday, Jersey received almost a week’s worth of waves. Although, that statement sounds a lot sicker than the waves turned out to be.


Saturday was supposed to be “the day”, and it was for many… Southern winds kicked Friday night, but quickly turned North mid-morning. Any South-facing region enjoyed some sort of offshore wind, while East-facing spots suffered. The swell was at least head-high for many spots, and much bigger towards the exposed Northeast locations, as well as for the Southern barrier islands.


Northern winds continued through Sunday, and turned East as Monday grew old. The swell lingered for these days, and as Tuesday came around new swell appeared.


The wind settled down as Tuesday went, and a creeping East swell grew bigger. By midday Tuesday, chest-high surf riddled NJ beaches making for some fun surf.



On Wednesday, the swell continued while the wind went offshore with a hint of North to it. Peaky A-frames ran through NJ lineups, allowing solid conditions for nearly the entire Jersey coastline.



The video below was uploaded by Dan Smith, and shows his crew surfing in Monmouth County on Tuesday and Wednesday. A cool little edit, with some funky tunes–give ‘er a look. Once again, good work boys!



A note from the videomaker, Daniel Smith:

Couple clips from two different days. With the recent changes to Youtube’s policies I can no longer monetize my videos, so if you enjoy the videos I make and would like to donate to my patreon the link is Patreon.com/DanielSmithSurf

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