Hole Patrol Volume 1

It’s hard to surf. It’s even harder to convince a surfer to film surfing. And it is the hardest of all to do this during pumping conditions, and without any incentives or professional backing.


Despite these facts, the Hole Patrol (HP) crew said “Fuck it,” and made themselves a bad ass surf edit. Clocking in at nearly 10 minutes long, Hole Patrol Volume 1 was highly anticipated to say the least.


It was prophesized that a film should show up for the standard surfer. No, sadly SURFER Films did not tune in at 12 midnight when the edit dropped. But quietly, did HP gain an underground shredder following, and quietly did these followers rejoice at what they saw.


Immediately you get the sense that these boys are the greatest of friends, and that Pat Parenty is either really small or charges mondos (probably both). The video begins with “big tricks” and the summer feel goods, all cut quickly and edited to match the tunes.


A few scenes usher in questionable toilet humor, and borderline homosexual vibes as Parenty describes a personal hardship, and giggling men splash in the shorebreak. However, this is easily forgotten as the film’s editor (Alex Krenkel) cues toobing rights, and heavy rock n’ roll.


The guys showcase some of their favorite, hometown breaks during Jersey’s unordinary 2017 Hurricane season. The surfing is good with some standout clips of Parenty from the water and of Dillon Henrichsen’s hackage and barrel hounding.


It is obvious that these dudes are less than professional surfers as one Alex Manso mentions surfing with a “ruptured butthole.” However, the viewer seriously starts to question this non-pro status as the team flies abroad…


PR and PF (Paul Francisco) take over with clear, blue point breaks and sound surfing. No Casa Verde cameos, nor any Medalla sipping snippets. The boys are all business as the film closes out to nonstop cutback clips, and another shipshape song.


This ain’t Sam Hammer, or Rob Kelly—turn around if that’s what you want. The film offers great vibes, humor, and proper surfing with impressive moments sprinkled throughout.


We hope to see more Krenkster cutties, hip Waldron wave jackets, and hopefully unending holes as we cross our fingers for Volume 2. Good work boys.


Click directly below to enjoy Vol. 1…


Filmed by: HP Crew.

Additional footage by: Tim Torchia, Ryan Simalchik, Keith Forsythe.

Edited by: Alex Krenkel

Surfers: Pat Parenty, Alex Krenkel, Paul Francisco, Alex Manso, Dillon Henrichsen, Cole Conti, Nick Menditto, John Waldron, Wes Masco, Zac Hazley, Robby Rosano, and Maxwell Goldberg.

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