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DJ Surfology’s Year in Review

2019 had some tubes. As I sit here hoping for a 1.9 ft 7sec swell to longboard in the morning, it seems 2020 is off to a slow start. Mr. Latch recounted 2019’s flavor and energy in this here short YouTube film above. Blending clips of 2019’s bodyboard tubes and fishy jives, DJ Surfology mixes […]

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The “State of Flow” in the NH Longboarding Scene

We are HYPE on longboarding at the moment. There’s really no other choice than to be stoked to logging when the waves go flat in the Summer. However, we aren’t complaining because Summers produce vids like this one. Here we have a few shredders from New Hampshire locking into trim on some point-break peelers. One […]

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