Product Review: Ho Stevie! Surfboard Leash

Ho Stevie! is a company I learned about after owner, Steve took interest in our very own, Rambler Surf Magazine. Steve was nice enough to let us try his company’s traction pad and shortboard leash. In the video above, I reviewed the Ho Stevie shortboard leash at 6-foot size.

After ripping through the packaging with my very sharp machete, I found a standard, black shortboard leash perfectly folded and ready for use. The leash was protected by single-use plastic–an unfortunate standard in the surf industry and beyond. Otherwise, the leash came with the leash string and rail protector for surfing in crunching beach break conditions. All checks out.

The premium surfboard leash featured a high density neoprene strap, a high strength cord for elasticity, extra strong velcro, and an internal key pocket. The leash even warned surfers: “Surfing is a dangerous sport.” I agreed with the Ho Stevie disclaimer–thinking how the most dangerous part of the sport is surfing near people who really depend on a leash.

In the end, the leash was an easy $20 and got me through a proper overhead swell on a cold November day. There seemed to be no noticeable stretching of the leash after a heavier than average session full of tubes. I have since used it a handful of times and there have been no issues. The only drawback I thought about was the fact that you are neglecting your local surf shop when buying a product like the Ho Stevie surfboard leash. Just remember to support local and have a balance of local products and online orders when doing your shopping. Overall, I would recommend the Ho Stevie surfboard leash for anybody looking for a reasonably-priced and reliable leash. Check out Ho Stevie, his leashes, and the multitude of surf products he has to offer. Thanks for reading…

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