Flores With the Win, John With the Title

Jeremy Flores takes over John’s backyard with a win at the Billabong Pipe Masters, and John Florence must settle for the rest of the world…

The classic Banzai Pipeline was semi-firing yesterday (by Pipe standards) with windless conditions to start the day, and a ton of amazing surfers in the water. John John was very easy to think of after watching the competition, and being awarded the world title.

For much of the day it seemed the young Hawaiian was able to command his home turf to produce waves especially for Florence. The final 90 seconds of the quarterfinals proved John’s prowess at the world’s classiest wave.

However, Flores withstood the news of John’s world title victory going into the final heat, and simply focused on the task at hand. JJF could have felt too much relief with the news, and let the win slip to Flores (doubtful, but who knows). Yet, it would be simply wrong to deny the fact that Jeremy Flores flew out of some of the more difficult tubes the day had to offer, seemingly on just pure will. In the end, it was Flores who stole the victory.

Other than the two finalists absolutely tearing it up, names like Kanoa Igarashi, Slater (of course), Gabby Medina, and Joel Parkinson were constantly being announced.

Joel was on fire very early, but fell off. Gabby versus Kelly was hectic, as Slater seemed uncomfortable throughout the day (except he was all shakas when Medina tried to to slow his roll?). While Gabby went for a few really killer backhand rides to finish off the “G.O.A.T.”

Kanoa surfed well, going blow for blow with the would-be contest champ, and nearly saw Florence in the end. The young American surfer proved he was not to be trifled with, and secured his position as one of the best competitors in the world.

Overall, it was a fun contest for viewers and surfers alike. The waves produced plenty of action, however the wind got on it by the final heat. The contest’s waiting period loomed, and disallowed any possibility of holding off until conditions bettered.

Check out some highlights, and strange happenings below. Comment at us and let us know who you wanted to win, what you thought about the competition, and your opinion on Gabby’s “defense” of priority.

Now we wait patiently for one of the best competitions of all time: The Volcom Pipe Pro…



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