What Time is it?!

Is it “Smoko”?!


Some of our favorite things just came together… An Aussie summertime surf edit, some of the best surfers out of that country, and all backed by one of the catchiest, new tunes.


If you haven’t heard it, first things first, watch this video below.



The Chats are a punk rock band from Queensland, Australia. They love beer (according to their Instagram and Bandcamp accounts @thechatslovebeer) and they love smoking rollies on their smoko (AussieĀ for smoke break). The video is hilarious, catchy, and begs the question, “Who are these dudes?”


The song (and the rest of their album “Get This In Ya”) are hardcore punk, and lighthearted alternative rock all at once. Basically, if The Chats’ music weren’t put to surfing, we’d be pretty pissed.


After a while of yelling “SMOKO” at our best buddies, we finally found Billabong’s new summertime surfing edit. Shredders like Creed, Parko, Mick, Kai Hing, and Ryan Callinan standout. The guys throw down some difficult maneuvers that they make look quite easy as they cruise down the line in their new Billabong boardies. So, if you like beer, rollies, The Chats, surfing, or going on smoko, check the video below…


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