Summer in 35mm: “Lockdown” Mode

TS Arthur

Yesterday at the skatepark, some kid said, “What’s up Bro?” I said, “Howyadoin?”

He said, “You ain’t from Jersey. Are you from New York?” I must be pretty good, I thought.

In other news, there’s a sweet gallery of photos available for viewing and user download below. Summer 2020 in 35mm B/W seems eerily fitting for the times we’re traversing. We’re for sure living in a “Mad World” but in the words of our friend Dom: “[We’re] doing Summer despite COVID.” Dom has combatted the issue of coronavirus in most logical way: He’s gotten jacked out of his mind and healthier than ever before. He’s even abstained from eating Romeo’s at 3am.

Kyle’s Sweet 16

Whatever. I personally love Romeo’s. But, luckily there’s been enough swell to start the Summer to counteract the Busch beer, pepperoni pizzas, and fear being issued from local, state, and federal government officials.

The weather during the end of May and June was near-perfect–complimented by something consistent to surf. Other times offered various outdoor drinking opportunities, skate sessions at The Feraco Jawn, and campfires on the “secret” beach.

Thankfully, after losing a Canon AE-1 to the roads of Nova Scotia last Fall, the East Coast Artist let me try a couple of her personal cameras. And as luck would have it, this would spark my buddy AJ to loan me “one he never uses” (thanks beast).

Strange Days” have been accompanied by a solid playlist. If this is it–like the Apocalypse or whatever–I’d be happy with the songs of the Summer. WG, Gibbs, RTJ, Bronson, Khruangbin, Tame Impala, and maybe a Kanye release today? Not bad.

You got something better? Add it to our collaborative playlist below…

We’ll see what the rest of Summer 2020 brings. However, we do anticipate an RSM Release Rager, more sightings of “X Games Mode,” and (hopefully) an active tropical forecast. Enjoy the photo gallery below…

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