Handy Cam the Movie

Damn, this shit is pretty fried, I texted Tommy George after viewing his most recent video edit. Despite my heckling, I was impressed with the 12-minute surf, skate, and mushroom-picking edit that Thomas had cooked up.

Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle, this film screams. The moviemaker takes his viewers through an unsure time in his own life as well as for much of humanity. Throughout the edit, the only reference to time comes from setting the scene with “pre-hoax” or “thickening hoax”. “Handy Cam the Movie” documents a group of friendsadventures on the West Coast as well as during the Coronavirus Outbreak on the East Coast–specifically NJ.

The opening section depicts the North West Coast’s long waves and big forests through the lens of an ’08 “handy cam”. The reggae tune in use is dancy and light-hearted as the actors rig around in questionable vans and slide around on the found surf.

Things slow down as the “hoax” sets in and Tommy purchases another even more questionable van. Some psychedelic music matches up with TG and T-Goody as they perform some East Coast slides and nose rides.

“The Hoax Thickens”! and TG tre-flips into tubes amongst the homies. Annoying North West wind is no match for the film’s East Coast keg navigators.

The film grows more mystical and slightly unsettling as Jim Morrison begins to ominously narrate. The viewer hears, “This is the end…” One ponders this statement anxiously. The music, slow motion surfing, and clips of masked protestors create a feeling of worry and hope at the same time–like the emotion one feels before a long journey or shortly after drinking some strange brew…

In the end, TG gets tubed, the boys are hyped up, the credits roll (Star Wars style), and turns out “all the children are insane.”

Video Description:

Surfing hand made boards around the US with tons of friends along the way.

Music in this video:

Morning Sun– Al Barry & The Cimarons

Windows– Sugar Candy Mountain

Newborn Awakening– Jim Morrison, Music By The Doors

The EndThe Doors

If you were wondering who was getting all those nose-rides and barrels…