East Groundswell in NJ

From a dribbly 2-feet to draining inside a couple hours.

The weekend before Memorial Day was a legendary one here in New Jersey. The report on Saturday May 22nd stated that an ESE groundswell would fill in throughout the day. With 80-degree weather predicted alongside a solid swell, no one knew what to expect. The perfect weekend like this usually does not ever materialize. Even so, the boys congregated on the beach in hopes the day would end with tubes. We even restrained our usual beer drinking habits in preparation for the day.

Chachko yeasting it up on the beach.

Chachko was fidgeting on the beach. He was so amped for the inaugural Meat Gang opening day that he got to the beach at 9am. The waves were nearly flat at that time. Low tide offered some fun little nugs. But by 1pm, everyone was wondering when the real stuff would come in.

In just an hour, the swell jumped a few feet. The boys went from surfing fat fishes on less than impressive waves to grabbing the shredsticks for some higher-performance sports maneuvers.

Sports Pat. Judge him by his size, you do?

With still more day and more swell coming in, the decision was made to continue the search. We found some special waves a spot that’s usually known for nude sunbathers rather than anything resembling a wave.

James in the waves.

Everything was sore the next day. Rolling out of bed to make coffee was a struggle. But it was again 80 degrees, sunny, with swell on tap.

I got a call from some chicks that said they were getting good waves. The boys couldn’t allow it. We soon swooped in to snake each and every last girl we saw. Putting a perfect cap on the weekend with 12+ hours in the drink.

Casey Sturts will burn any dude, woman, child, or alien she paddles against.
T Goody on the nose.

Check to see yourself in the photo gallery below and send an email to urnsurfco (@) gmail dot com to get the hi-res shot. One love.

Pics by Ryan Gallagher, Fiona Mullen, Hunter Manning, and whoever else was on the beach taking a break <3