Old Rolls Equal Found Photos


Black and White, 35mm film evokes an awesome feeling. Faces are brighter, shadows are darker, bright days get a makeover, and cold, dark settings receive the framing they deserve. In this specific case, three rolls of 36 images had been used across various time periods, locations, and seasons. Seeing this collection of photos side by side is refreshing and nostalgic at the same time. The idea is completely in contrast to our world of instant gratification and Instagram updates. There was no rush to share or even remember these moments, however we’re so glad the documentation has been developed.


If you’ve done your math correctly, you should be asking why there aren’t at least 100 photos in this gallery (3 rolls x 36 shots= 108 photos). We applaud you for this effort. We’re saving some (:


A portion of the 3 rolls that were developed were shot during this Summer 2018 season and as a result they’ll be featured in our coming edition of Rambler Surf Mag. So, if you don’t see your bright, smiling face in this gallery and you know you’ve been involved in 35mm documentation, fear not. Keep an eye on our website and Instagram–RSM Summer 2018 is coming and with it will be a healthy dose of film photography (among other awesome content).


Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section below…



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