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Old Rolls Equal Found Photos

  Black and White, 35mm film evokes an awesome feeling. Faces are brighter, shadows are darker, bright days get a makeover, and cold, dark settings receive the framing they deserve. In this specific case, three rolls of 36 images had been used across various time periods, locations, and seasons. Seeing this collection of photos side […]

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Our Friend Joe Took Some Film Shots…

  Our new friend, Joe McGettigan chose to spend some of his Winter season on the West Coast of Puerto Rico. In the heart of the Caribbean and in a surf-central environment surrounded by great people, Joe learned the craft of film photography along with that of making the perfect Rum Punch.   “I originally […]

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Island Time

If you’re from the East Coast, you know that Wintertime is for travel. One can only take consistently gray skies and bitter cold for so long. Winter waves often smooth this off-season struggle, but session satisfaction deteriorates significantly under cold conditions.   However, a Spirit booking and an Airbnb rental can only get one so far. […]

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