Music for Monday Morning


Yea, Mondays suck. It’s pretty much inevitable… Unless, you’re Alex Krenkel and you have a full day off to play Fortnite and chat up Tinder ladies. Not all of us are this fortunate, so you may need a little more motivation to open your eyes and be nice to assholes you hate.


Not to fear. The song up top is freakin’ amazing and you should start there this Monday AM. “Mind Mischief” was one of my first favorite songs by Tame Impala and the video is just all-time–basically Krenkel’s Monday while you’re at work.



MGMT put out a new album not too long ago and it SLAPS. Nah, not really. “Slapping” isn’t the right terminology, but it’s a great album (and I would never actually say “slaps” with a straight face in reference to any music really).



I don’t know where I stumbled upon this gem, but some superfan of both bands (I assume) put this together and it doesn’t sound bad. It may just be out there enough to motivate your brain to think proper thoughts this Monday morn.



I like Tyler a lot. I kinda have to try hard to like him too, if that makes sense? He’s got so many different styles of music, it’s pretty tough to keep up with. From so-called “horrorcore” rap to deep, melodious tunes, you really have to stay on top of his music to see and respect his evolution as a composer, rapper, and musician.


What? You don’t wake up to this every Monday?

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