Kyle Made Transworld…


Is this any surprise? It shouldn’t be, however this video gives me the fucking chills. Kyle is the man. If you know him, you’re lucky. If you don’t know him, after watching this video it’s easy to say he’s passionate about his craft.


Kink rails, kink rails, kink rails, massive, knee-buckling drops, and oh yea, more kink rails. “What the fuck, is this dude out of his mind?” You might ask… Well, yes he actually is. If you’ve ever seen the look in his eye as he’s staring down a Miller High Life bottle or air section at the North Wildwood Skatepark, you wouldn’t ask that question.


But, crazy ain’t bad. It’s fucking great. Kyle’s on Vans now and he’s gonna be in not just Transworld’s next print magazine, but Rambler’s next edition as well. There’s big things coming for this man–even though he’s sidelined after a skating injury on the stage at Made In America. But, more on that when you pick up the next Rambler Surf Mag. For now, enjoy his new part included above <3


PS –Shout out the boys who made this video and cheered Kyle on…

Video: Austin Leleu, Nick Benton, Bobby Bills, Trevor Owens

Photo: Alex Papke

Y’all are the realest. One love.

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