Numb Skulls Hunt Irish Slabs

In our latest issue of Rambler Surf Magazine, we covered Ryan Simalchik, Rob Kelly, and Stevie Pittman surfing the first Winter Storm of the cold water season in their first installment of the Numb Skulls series.

Now, there’s episode two and it just got real. The boys sent it across the Atlantic to the land of potatoes, Guinness, and long, heavy tubes that break over mossy rockbeds.

Simalchik creates another super quality edit and sticks with a similar episode formula to the first Numb Skulls video. Pittman, Kelly, and Irish chargers Geariod Mcdaid, Conor Maguire, Noah Lane, Seamus Mcgoldrick, and Josh Redman all make appearances chatting on scenic, green mountainsides, threading slabs, and being absolutely throttled by fucked up, mutant waves.

I believe the 8-minute movie would have really benefitted from a Sabbath selection or Metallica music choice, however lack of rev-tastic tunes did not take away from the work that Simalchik, Clem Mclnerney, Conor Flanagan, and Peter Clyne did when capturing angles from the water, the sky, mountaintops, and large flat plateaus.

This is another job well done in an area and on a wave that don’t often have many viewers. These guys get barreled and make movies with style and as I’ve said before–I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Didn’t see Numb Skulls episode uno? Cheggittdout below…

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