Bobby Martinez “Unrelenting Relevance”


As a goofyfooter, I’ve always tried (and failed) to emulate Bobby Martinez on his backhand. His style his mechanical and explosive, all with a consistent flow that seems to match any wave type.


However, I think the days of me tucking my ears into my fitted cap are over (not to say I didn’t roll with that at one point). Martinez has great, candid commentary about the current state of surfing in wave pools, competition, and in the Olympics.


He’s a grittier guy, a little rough around the edges, but that’s exactly what surfing needs. He says what he believes and he doesn’t give a fuck if he’s on or not!? Throughout the video I caught traces of Joe Rogan, as he seemed to be able to speak clearly and dissect the issue at hand. Even cooler, I found myself wondering if this guy has some East Coast or Jersey roots, as he does not speak like a Californian.


Either way, the interviews were well-worth the listen and the surfing was (as always) fun to watch. Thanks Bobby.

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