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Summer Concerts of Rage

Every time the boys get together to hit a good show, it’s always a movie. And this time, we actually got some clips to show for it. On July 20th, Tommy Feraco, Greg Castillo, Dom Bilello, Sean Gallagher, and myself ventured onto the streets of Philly to see The Chats. Summertime in Fishtown’s local Gayborhood […]

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Music for Monday Morning

  Yea, Mondays suck. It’s pretty much inevitable… Unless, you’re Alex Krenkel and you have a full day off to play Fortnite and chat up Tinder ladies. Not all of us are this fortunate, so you may need a little more motivation to open your eyes and be nice to assholes you hate.   Not […]

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Death Grips in Philadelphia

Last night, Death Grips came to the Electric Factory in the great city of Philadelphia, PA. To a few people that know the band, I told them my plans… Enter the city, find the spot, and try not to die. However, I received no jealousy or ticket inquiries, only prayers for my safety, and an […]

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