Morning Playlist

Music choice in the morning hours can either make or break one’s day.  Sometimes you need tunes, sometimes you don’t wanna hear a thing.

But if you are up, eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch and praying your half-drunken state doesn’t turn into a nasty hangover, (we all know it probably will) you might want to give this playlist a shot.

In the shower, on your commute or in your ears–I found these songs helpful for morning motivation.  Let’s face it, the world outside is cruel and unforgiving.  Allow these sounds to hype you up, calm you down and send you out ready to face your day.

The playlist is semi-diverse.  This is a mix between stuff you’d like to hear in the morning–“Say to You”, Tame Impala, Kishi Bashi (you member this from Blue Moon I hope to assume), etc.  And the playlist offers a couple songs you may not necessarily think you’d like to hear in the morning, but won’t turn off when they come on–“Hive” and Agnostic Front (brace yourself).

Hate it.  Love it.  This is helping me through my day, and I’d like everyone to feel that warm, fuzzy feeling as well.

I listened in the order above (kinda), you can too.  Or not… Enjoy

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