Jordy Smith’s, “Just Now”

I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately when it comes to keeping up with surf media. And unfortunately, Jordy Smith’s newest short film was one of those pieces of media that didn’t find it’s way onto my computer screen. However, when I finally did click the play button, I stopped it five minutes in… Just Now is too good to view on your 13-inch MacBook display.

I grabbed my HDMI adapter, ran downstairs and hit restart as I plugged my laptop into the television. Immediately, the viewer is handed Skeleton Bay, backside barrel negotiation on a silver platter. The music is strange and electronic, but it has a desert vibe that fits. Jordy glides effortlessly—stalling and pile-driving himself through draining lefts.

At this point you wonder how much more one man could score inside of a 19-minute movie… Jordy doesn’t surf a shitty wave at any point in Just Now. After complete shackage in Namibia, the dude heads down to Cape Town, Hawaii and back up to Europe. Not only do the locations change and the waves get better, but the soundtrack just goes nuts.

With Metallica rumbling in the background, Jordy throws airs and collects sick water footage at a spot in Cape Town. You get a couple scenic clips of the area as well as some interviews with Jordy looking oddly like Wilfred the dog. Director Dane Staples did a fine job breaking up each section with this type of footage. Staples doesn’t go overboard with interviews and shots of South Africa, making the short movie about 95 percent surfing.

And really good surfing at that. Jordy scores insane barrels in the next section to the tune of “Girls” (x3) by Motley Crue. In that very section and only about halfway through the film, Jordy gets this MONDO, double up, pounder of a pit that just blows your friggin’ mind.

Oh and real quick…  On top of the sick barrels, Jordy doesn’t even give a fuck that he’s surfing the sharkiest waves on the planet… Insanity.

From there, Jordy goes knock, knock, knockin’ at JBay. His surfing is so complete; he finishes every wave whether he’s sitting into turn on a closeout, pulling full-rotation airs, steezing floaters or just kicking out effortlessly. Not only is he constantly finishing waves, but also his transitional surfing is strikingly quick. I’m reminded of Mick Fanning and then I remember Jordy is double his size…

In the beginning of Just Now, a quote runs across the screen: “If this film makes people pumped to go surfing, I’ve done my job.” This film does just that. It’s a short film that cares about the viewer and shows surfing that is traditionally sound and progressive at the same time. The fact that every single surfing edit is not put together with that quote in mind makes me realize why I was in my surf media slump.

The film ends off with Jordy being a total badass—“Mr. Crowley” blares, Jordy flips off the camera and the legend pulls some double-grab, misty flip air after a barrage of man-hacks and throaty tubes. Thanks for caring Jordy.

If you haven’t already, click play…

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