Put an Advertisement in the Next Magazine

Many people believe that print magazines should be free. Hell, some of us writing this may even agree with that statement. However, a free publication is not possible without advertisers.


Advertising raises money for the printed publication in exchange for a business/company name being mentioned/shown inside the mag. It’s a pretty awesome and equal exchange, and it is the exchange we’d like to offer to all of you.


URN Surf creators and Rambler Surf Magazine writers are looking for businesses that would like to put an advertisement in the next magazine. If this proposal aligns with your business, please contact: urnsurfco@gmail.com for more information. We’ll strike a deal, compile some photos/words, and get your ad live in the next mag.


Like cheap magazines? So do we! If you don’t own a business, but would still love to contribute to Rambler Mag, please check out our Go Fund Me page. 


Everyone who donates to the page will get their name printed with the Donation Advertisement inside our next magazine: Winter 2018. Our goal here is to pay off our printing fees so that we can offer a magazine for $1 (plus shipping fees if it is getting mailed).


Previously, we have sold our mags for $10. Sometimes a bigger price tag can turn folks off to great material. We’d hate to see that happen to any possible customer. Any donation will ensure that we can offer a less expensive, and higher quality product for anyone and everyone.


This is a magazine with passion. A magazine made by surfers for surfers on the East Coast and abroad. We will do anything to keep this idea alive, and all we ask is for a little help along the way. If you support our vision, any donation amount is appreciated.


Hope to see some donations rolling in soon, and thank you all. One love…


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