Good Morning, Ben Gravy


Good morning. We’re not sure why there hasn’t been any Ben Gravy vlogs feature on our website… This dude is a Jersey legend, and (especially in this video) he promotes a great mantra for living life, on and off his surfboard.


And, of course, the guy rips. He’s one of the best surfers in the Garden State and doesn’t look for much fame from it. In his most recent vlog, he surfs small, junky waves very well. At the same time, he includes some dreamy music, local shreddas doing their thing, and as always–funny commentary.


He reminds us all to take off our sunglasses before going into Acme and gives great fun facts: “2,000 pennies weighs more than 500 pounds.” The guy has great videos (that don’t ever stop–he’s done one everyday since the end of 2016) and we’re hoping to feature his stuff for many more posts to come.



Ben Gravy also gets invited to surf with Kelly Slater, if you didn’t already know.


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