Gallery: Coupla Months of Film

“Well I’ve been north and I’ve been south
I’ve been west and I’ve been east
Been around long enough to know
Life’s lived best when scrolling least”
-Parquet Courts

It’s a wonderful feeling to get film back after you’ve only shot two rolls over more than three months. From the nostalgia you feel when looking through images taken during times of warmth (Late Fall on OBX and Early Winter in Barbados), to just simple shots of friends making dumb faces (Drue and his Yuengling) it’s a rush of nostalgia that you’ve been inadvertently planning for a quarter of the year.

Photography should not and can not be done properly without experimenting all avenues of expression. Splitting time between digital and film is refreshing exactly for these moments.

Feel free to peruse the photo gallery below taken from September 2018 to January 2019. Some of these photos will be printed bigger and better in our next issue of Rambler Surf Magazine coming this month–stay tuned.

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