Surfing Jersey Out of a Van is Winter-Style Luxury

There’s nothing better than a Sunday full of tubes, beer, dudes, and playoff football. “Amen to that Brother,” said Justin Perry.

It’s even better when Tommy George lets you get naked and yeasty in his oh-so warm (and brand used/new) surf van. If you haven’t surfed out of one, it really is luxury…

The 20th was a classic January day in NJ. Blustery wind made it really fucking cold and as if that wasn’t enough, the temperature was set to drop 30 degrees by nightfall. The choice was simple, stay comfy inside the van or dwell inside the deep, dark holes that were pounding the shoreline.

The session was equal parts tubes and brain rattling wipeouts. After jumping from the top of low tide wedges and after getting spat out of a few more, the surfed out sons indulged in Wawa and in the full moon spectacle that played out above.

The photos that follow detail this gloriously windy day, enjoy…

Photos: Ryan Gallagher and Joey Montague

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