“European Meat Hogs”


Are these really what “Meat Hogs” look like? Do these dudes skate The Louvre? And is that Ciara’s “One Two Step” in that background? I’m honestly not sure the answer to any of those questions, but I am sure that I like this video.


A crew consisting of personal friends like Walsh, Leleu, Ligato, and Benton as well as other thrashers in their circle took a month-long journey through supposedly meat-filled European cities. These guys skated the streets, private properties, and statues of Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Barcelona–returning with an 11-minute long edit detailing their expedition.


The video was fun, technical, quirky, and nostalgic all at once and it gave us an excuse to post on our newly-hosted website after almost a full week of server issues (thanks Connie). So, view on and sit tight as we’ll be delivering on new content soon enough: Rambler Surf Magazine Fall’18 Edition.



Order of Apperance: Victor Cascaringy, Nick Ligato, Nick Benton, Habeeb, Theo Meas, Austin Leleu, Kyle Walsh, Cody Roberts, Billy Cox, Julian Heller, James Klimek, Dani Delgato, and Shamus McDonough

Video by: Habeeb, James Klimek, Billy Cox, and Austin Leleu

Super 8: Nick Benton



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