Friendsgiving Week on OBX


The Outer Banks of North Carolina are magical lands where friends can come together for Busch beer & baked beans, open fires, camping, debauchery, surfing, and other general sporting activities. Every year the crew takes this obligatory leave of absence from the Northeast to enjoy these Southern comforts.


This year’s trip down was the slowest for waves that the URN guys had ever seen before. Usually Thanksgiving week is jam packed with swell on the Outer Banks. So, this year the boys had to settle for longboard and grovel sessions, and had more time to enjoy the 60 degree weather from the hot tub whilst sipping tall wizard stalves.


Many photos were taken and to commemorate the basketball-rebounding, volleyball-spiking-on-neighbor’s-kids group of surfers, we’ve taken the liberty to setup a photo gallery to provide a glimpse into life on the Banks. Additionally, since we are so fuckin’ thankful for our friends, family, and these good times we’re providing a CYBER MONDAY deal (also to appease the robots before they take over!). Order a copy of the latest Rambler Surf Magazine for yourself and receive another copy for FREE. Use the complimentary copy as a gift to loved ones, friends, grandmas, or even the crazy bag lady that endlessly wonders your neighborhood (even she needs a gift this Holiday season



Photos: Nick Holland and Ryan Gallagher


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