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“European Meat Hogs”

  Are these really what “Meat Hogs” look like? Do these dudes skate The Louvre? And is that Ciara’s “One Two Step” in that background? I’m honestly not sure the answer to any of those questions, but I am sure that I like this video.   A crew consisting of personal friends like Walsh, Leleu, Ligato, […]

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PhatHouse and an Asian Skating Excursion

It ain’t hard to get jacked up on this squad. The Philadelphia PhatHouse affiliates took an autumn-time trip East across the world to Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China. The team towered over confused natives, laid waste to any skate-able spots in sight, and sought celebration in the wreckage.   The edit kicks off in Japan to […]

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Austin Leleu & Kyle Walsh – “PH3”

These men are rippers. I kinda hate them both because they don’t really surf, however that’s just my bias coming out. I asked Kyle to come surfing with me a couple weeks back, and I was DENIED! Do you believe that? Despite the above comments, can you argue with what they produce on land? This […]

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