Dorian Provides for Jersey Tube Hounds

Cane SZN! Fuck, we can’t stop saying it. We had our eyes on Hurricane Dorian for over a week and got stir crazy. We made plans to go to far-off, northern locations in hopes to “truly score.”

However, as Dorian crept closer, the home zone looked like it might provide. And… she truly did. Turns out, Jersey was the spot to be this time around! Even Cory Lopez and some of the Florida guys followed the swell up to the Garden State–arguably scoring better waves than the locals.

Either way, everyone and their mothers got kegged out of their minds–minimal neoprene necessary. Above, we have one of the best edits ever created by DJ Surfology and crew. Below are some photos we snagged in between drifts at the local pool. Listen to some hot tracks and killer video–chopped and screwed by the surfing DJ. And check out some of the dreamiest photos we’ve taken in months. Not much more to be said about Hurricane Dorian–as usual this Cane just got us hopeful for a never-ending conga line full of storms.

PS. Our hearts go out to those affected by the Hurricane in the Bahamas. We’re hearing the best way to donate is through Waves for Water. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help the cause. While we love surfing hurricane swell, we’re praying for the next storms to stay safely away from landfall. Thanks again and enjoy (:

Also, check out the water angle from Ryan Simalchik and gang… Until next time.

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