Cane Szn Has Arrived

CANE SZN! This has to be the most exciting time to be a surfer from the U.S. East Coast. The water is tropical, swell is filling in from thousands of miles away, and the eyes of watermen all along the coast are lighting up.

Sadly, another Labor Day Weekend has passed us by. The only way to get over Summer’s conclusion is to surf until one day you wake up and it’s November. Pretty much how it works right?

The only necessary component: stacking canes. After a lack-luster Hurricane season in 2018, this 2019 year seems to be starting off with a bang… Currently, Hurricane Shane Dorian is smoking the shit out of the Bahamas and plans to continue his wrath along pretty much each Eastern U.S. coastal state.

While we’re not sure Floridians will make it out of this one by boarding up their windows and drinking White Claw–we are sure that there are waves in the future. That’s enough to dull the sharp blade that is Summer’s conclusion. So, I’d say it’s pretty much on.

For now, check out the Surfologist, Kyle Latch’s newest YouTube video above, scroll last Thursday’s swell gallery below from Wildwood Crest photographer, Nick Holland, and bump the new Freddie Gibbs & Madlib album on the way to your next surf. Not sure Gibbs’ references to KANE SZN are exactly in line with our hope for waves, but we shall pretend (:

Prep your blades, wave goodbye to the shoobies/bennys, and hopefully see you in the tube.

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