“Snowbird” in Puerto Rico

We just got word of a sick little edit out of Puerto Rico where surfing has been recently outlawed. Prior to quarantine, heavy hitters like Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Hector Santamaria, Leif Engstrom, Andrew Doheny, Raymond King, and Ben Gravy were subjects of Nick Eaton’s steady camera.

“This was shot during the weeks from February 17th to literally 2 days before the lockdown. I got home back in Maine just in time,” said videographer, Nick Eaton.

Emailing Nick, I asked how the hell he got all these guys to film with him and received no Stab/SURFER feature!?

“I was shooting with Hector & Raul for most of one day and we headed over to [a beach that is now closed in Aguadilla] where we ran into Dane & Craig! The two of them knew them already and [Hector] shared his Power Cookies with [Dane & Craig],” laughed Eaton.

It’s a fun experience meeting local rippers like Hector. His stoke is unmatched.

In addition to shooting some high-performance tubes, cutties, and airs, Eaton got a first (frightening) experience shooting Puerto Rico’s big-wave, Tres Palmas. He linked up with short, stubby charger Raymond King to cap off a great Winter of surf on the “Isla del Encanto.”

“Shooting out at Tres was definitely an experience,” said Eaton. “I paddled out on a soft top and came back with only half of it… But, held onto the camera the whole time—taking waves on the head.”

Anyone that has ever been to PR during a big Tres swell knows the heaviness of the situation.

“Raymond kept yelling at me to hold on to my camera as each wave crashed on me after the board broke,” recalled Nick. “Only got two shots out there I used in the edit but it was worth the paddle! I’d go out again. Just need a new soft top!”

At just under three minutes the edit leaves you wishing for more. However, it is chock-full of professional-level video quality, great surfing, and some awesome surfers. What’s more, it’s the last content we’ll see out of PR until maybe next Fall / Winter.

“Hope to share some more work with you when beaches open up again,” said Nick—barred from beach entry in his home state of Maine.

Snowbird Info:

See Hector Santamaria, Leif Engstrom, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Andrew Doheny, Raymond King, Ben Gravy, Victor Bodrie, Raul Hernandez, Raymond King, and Gabriel Canals taking on some fun swell around the west coast of Puerto Rico!

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