Rambling With… Dubs

We had a pre-surf and post-hangover Facetime call with Kyle Walsh to check up on our friend.  Walsh recently had a stroke.  In the podcast below Kyle describes the day of the incident, how he’s recovering and how such a shitty health issue could spawn a sick skate edit.  As Walsh puts it, the reality is that 20-year-olds do not just have strokes.  So, needless to say, we were worried about the kid–but, we knew he’d bounce right back.

I had gotten a secondhand story from my brother about Kyle’s health, and was itching to hear it out of Dubs’ mouth.  The time was perfect.  Walsh got right back  to skating and filming (as we expected) after he was home from the hospital and released a timely edit.  Watch the edit and listen to our conversation with Kyle.

We are so glad he is OK and are constantly learning from his positive outlook and stoke on life in general.

And this is our conversation…

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