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Austin Leleu & Kyle Walsh – “PH3”

These men are rippers. I kinda hate them both because they don’t really surf, however that’s just my bias coming out. I asked Kyle to come surfing with me a couple weeks back, and I was DENIED! Do you believe that? Despite the above comments, can you argue with what they produce on land? This […]

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Rambling With… Dubs

We had a pre-surf and post-hangover Facetime call with Kyle Walsh to check up on our friend.  Walsh recently had a stroke.  In the podcast below Kyle describes the day of the incident, how he’s recovering and how such a shitty health issue could spawn a sick skate edit.  As Walsh puts it, the reality is […]

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Dubs On Rail

We love this kid.  He’s constantly ripping and lives on another coast, so we don’t see him often.  However, when he is around, he’s doing shit like this. Kyle Walsh grew up with our group of friends.  Dubs skated constantly.  Snowboarded, burning the icy trails with foamy froth secretions.  He’s surfed and lived the perfect, […]

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