Pre-Jose Swell Gallery 9.17.17

Waves have been non-frickin’-stop. Jersey surfers are finally getting a little taste of what it means to live in a place that actually gets consistent swell… for now.

These photos represent what South Jersey got from the first traces of Hurricane Jose.

All reports say that Trump will allow Jose across the border, and the boys have never been more excited about an illegal alien. The waves are supposed to only get bigger and the wind is only supposed to increase. Certain South-facing spots on the East Coast could see “clean” and well-overhead conditions on Monday into Tuesday. And everyone is hoping that Wednesday is the day of days.

We shall see…

For now, who can complain about some shoulder-high waves with just the boys out.

Finally, we’d like to send our regards to anyone who has been seriously affected or displaced due to this run of hurricane activity. It is often hard to see past perfect waves on our beaches and imagine someone injured or homeless caused by the same storm.

Enjoy the photos below…

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